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Townsville's Largest Range Of Blind & Curtain Fabrics

Over 695 blind fabrics and 1964 curtain fabrics. All the colours, patterns and textures you need to make your home unique. So pop personality and sprinkle style throughout your home, visit The Coloured House.

Products & Services

Blinds - Curtains - Shutters - Awnings - Design - Wallpaper

Builders visit The Coloured House for fresh ideas and new products for their display homes. 
Real Estate Agents visit The Coloured House for rental property window makeovers. 
Home Sellers visit The Coloured House to increase the value and appeal of their homes.
Home Owners & Renovators visit The Coloured House to give their homes exciting new looks. 


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Make your home pop personality. Contact us now to make an appointment, or visit our showroom.


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