I Really Appreciate All Your Advice

Hi Anne,

The curtains and blind that Simon installed in my bedroom look great. I'm very happy with the colours and the look.

Thank you very much for all the help you have given me to renovate my home. Everything has come together beautifully and the house has a lovely feel to it. I really appreciate all your advice Anne.

The small amount you charged me for the advice and guidance you gave me to help me to choose the colours, finishes and appliances for my renovations was a very cost effective investment.

One of your greatest strengths, and there are many, is that you never take over the project by forcing your ideas or preferences on your client. You are very professional in the way that you encourage us to think outside what we might have already thought was the only option, to considering more suitable options available. I have always found it very easy to discuss options with you and felt that while you were guiding me, which is what I needed, you have always left the final decision up to me.

Eileen P