Hamptongrove Blvd, Hampton Grove - Mt Louisa

The Coloured Housed supplied & installed shutters, panel glides, and venetians.

Townsville Stone supplied & installed stone benchtops.

Taravale St - Harris Crossing

We are so pleased with all the Curtains, Blinds & Shutters that we installed in to this stunning home. The Curtains give a soft elegant feel while the shutters and blinds give a sleek modern look.

Display Curtain - Copacabana Sheer

Another new Display curtain that we have just installed, and it looks fantastic!!!

Copacabana is a truly beautiful Ombre sheer where the colour fades up the fabric from dark to light. Copacabana’s ombre effect has been printed on a 100% polyester linen look which gives the already delicate fabric a further overall depth.

Display Curtain - Arctic Sheer

We have just hung up a new display Sheer @ The Coloured House Showroom. It is a beautiful and elegant fabric made by James Dunlop Textiles.The Arctic is a soft geometric melting into the fibers of the weave. Printed on a semi-sheer linen capturing the natural element of the design. Come in and check it out!

Connelly, The Strand

The Coloured House supplied Curtains, Shutters and Colours.

Townsville Stone supplied stone to Kitchen, Bathrooms, and Family.